Savvy ways to date online

Savvy ways to date online

Plunging into the world of online dating? Make sure you get the most out of it (and who knows, maybe even meet ‘the one’ along the way)

Plunging into the world of online dating? Make sure you get the most out of it (and who knows, maybe even meet ‘the one’ along the way)

Know what you want

Sit down with a pen and paper and make a list of the things you want in a relationship and from a prospective partner before going online. Then prioritise them and decide on the personality traits or life goals you will not compromise on.

Use the sites ideal for you

You don’t need to be on all dating sites. If you’re looking for love and a serious relationship, an app dedicated to casual flings isn’t for you. Read reviews, call on friends’ experiences and choose the dating sites that fit your criteria.

Check out dating apps

It used to be that online dating meant signing your life away to a website, but apps have taken over, and there’s one to suit everyone. There are apps for dog owners, there’s HowAboutWe, which connects people by their hobbies; Double, which means you can set up double dates with your friends; and even dating apps dedicated to people who love beards. They are often free or at least cheaper than a website subscription.

Perfect your profile

Take time and think about your online profile. Keep it short and concise, be intriguing by giving away some details, but don’t be too specific. And remember, always be positive and smile in your profile pic. Brushing with Oral-B Pro-Expert maintains your health and wellbeing as it’s the best toothpaste for preventing enamel erosion and healthier and stronger teeth, so your smile will be sure to catch his eye.

Let go of the past

Everyone has baggage, and while it’s important to learn from your past relationships, leave them behind when you log on. Hurt and betrayal have a way of subtly sneaking themselves into dating profiles, and will make people click off.

Make the first move

Unlike walking up to someone in a bar, sending a message online is a lot less scary. Set a time aside each day when you are going to send five messages, and put yourself out there.

Actually set a date

Do meet up, otherwise you could put all that effort into texting and emailing, only to find out there’s no chemistry in person. Make sure you have luscious hair he’ll remember by using Pantene Pro-V Volume & Body. Its anti-breakage system can mean up to 97% less hair falling out. Hello, va-va-volume!

Carry on living your life

Be patient, have a thick skin about rejection, but most importantly, carry on living a fabulous life. Make sure online dating is something you do, not something that defines you.

Do you have any online dating tips? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Approaches and responses

Druim80 10/03/2017

If someone makes an approach, give them the courtesy of a reply, even if it is just "Thanks, but no thanks" Courtesy costs nothing other than a little time, and leaves a favourable impression. gr

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