University challenge: prepping your kids for their first term

University challenge: prepping your kids for their first term

It’s September, and the kids could soon be flying the nest for university or college. Make sure they’re prepared for any mess that comes at them by arming them with the right cleaning tools.


It’s September, and the kids could soon be flying the nest for university or college. Make sure they’re prepared for any mess that comes at them by arming them with the right cleaning tools.

It seems like only yesterday that you were taking them home from the hospital, reading them their first book or teaching them to ride a bike. The years have flown by! Now, as much as you’re dreading it, it’s time for them to spread their wings and fly the nest.

There’s so much to teach them before they go – how to cook, iron their clothes and clean, for example – but with so little time left, it’s hard to fit it all in.

Take a deep breath: you don’t need to teach them everything – just make sure before you drop them off that they’re armed with the right tools to keep their student home as clean as possible.

Take a look at our five essentials any student needs before hitting the road.

Fresh air

Take several teenagers, put them in small living quarters and add mounds of mess – the unpleasant odours are bound to creep up. You might not be able to help your son or daughter control the stacks of laundry or empty food containers, but you can help them control the smell with Febreze.

Typical air fresheners only mask unpleasant odours, but Febreze Air Effects eliminates stinks at the source – leaving their room smelling fresh (if it can’t be clean). To prevent any stinks sneaking in, tell them to use a little spray every day.

Prevention cleaning

Ideally all the roomates would team together and clean the flat every week, but with all the partying (and a little studying), they’ll be lucky to give it a clean once a month.

Products with preventative qualities, especially for the most-used room (the bathroom), will mean that even when they’ve skipped a deep clean or two, their landlord won’t notice the difference.

Give them Viakal to use on their taps and shower. It removes hard water marks, and its scientific formula helps prevent limescale from returning without damaging their surfaces.

It’s the perfect solution for the modern student to keep their bathroom shower and tiles limescale-free and sparkling at all times with little effort.

Everything, including the kitchen sink

One thing that won’t change throughout university is your student’s appetite. You can’t force them to eat healthily, but you can help them keep their dishes clean.

If they’re lucky enough to have a dishwasher, send them off with Fairy Platinum. The formula removes tough-to-clean foods best first time, so they don’t have to pre-soak dishes full of curry, pizza or pasta in the sink beforehand.

If they don’t have a dishwasher, make sure they’re stocked up on Fairy Liquid. The concentrated formula cuts through grease, giving their dishes a brilliant clean with minimum effort – spot a trend here yet? It cleans 50% more dishes* and lasts longer, so at least they won’t have to spend any of that student loan on washing liquid any time soon!

*Vs traditional washing liquid

Get on the floor

Pints of beer, dancing shoes, dirty clothes and food crumbs – your student’s floor has probably seen it all. Help them keep their floor (if you can see it) as spotless as possible with Flash.

Flash Multi Surface Concentrated Cleaner gives double the cleaning power* compared to regular Flash Lemon. It works on almost any surface – wooden floors, bathrooms, ovens, worktops, cabinets and sinks.

Now you’ve armed your student with all the tools they need to clean their student halls, it’s time to let them go. Instead of worrying about them, think of all the mess you’ll be saved by them being at university!

*Vs. Flash dilute

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Great tips

GeorgeW78 21/10/2017

Great tips, excellent products. My tip is to line the tops of cupboards (especially in the kitchen) with a sheet of newspaper than you can fold up and throw away - saves scrubbing them!

Fresh Air


Definitely need Febreze Air Effects around the kitchen bin in student accommodation. My daughter is in her final year and every year she has the same problem - nobody likes the task of emptying the bin - this year she is in accommodation with 4 others and, although she has only been back for a month, she has already emptied the bin at least 3 times on bin day - always overflowing and requiring an old carrier bag to clear up the surplus waste that has been stacked on top of the bin.

Keep on top of it

Sarah 21/10/2017

Do a little bit each day - SO much easier than letting it all build up!

teach them from a young age

laura 21/10/2017

Having a slightly larger than normal family, no money for a cleaner and partner who works long hours , I need as much help as I can, I have firmly believed that they need to help from a young age, even 3 year olds can put a washing in and out of the machine. This bundle sounds amazing!


tretre 21/10/2017

Leave packets of anti-bacterial wipes around and hope that sometimes, someone uses them.

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