Spending quality time with your child while they’re back from uni

Spending quality time with your child while they’re back from uni

They’re home for the holidays and catching up with old friends or on sleep. But with these inspiring ideas, they’ll want to catch up with you too.

They’re home for the holidays and catching up with old friends or on sleep. But with these inspiring ideas, they’ll want to catch up with you too.

So much has happened since they left for university that you can’t wait to spend time with them to find out what’s been going on.

But all those changes in their life mean they’re juggling more responsibilities and new opportunities than they know how to handle.

They’re got old and new friends to keep in touch with, holiday jobs, reading for their course and plenty of sleep to catch up on.

So if you want to find a bit of quality time together, you’ll have to make it. The first step to spending time together is to make sure that the chores are out of the way as soon as possible.

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With that out of the way, you can start suggesting some fun things to do together that will tempt them away from all those other commitments.

1. Retail therapy for two

It’s one sure-fire way to get their attention – offer to buy them something. They’re bound to need new clothes, equipment and books for their studies or things to kit out their student rooms.

And as you browse the shops and discuss what they need for the new term, you’ll have the chance to find out how their life has been changing while they’ve been away.

If you fancy something new too, check out our article on Clothes that would look good on both you and your daughter.

2. Take a road trip

Everyone loves to hit the open road and get away to somewhere new in the holidays. So why not pick somewhere you know they’ve longed to visit, hop in the car and set off together?

They’ll love a change of scenery and you’ll love the fact that you get several uninterrupted hours in the car when you can grill them on all the details of university life.

3. Cook together

There’s a good chance that your darling has been living off instant noodles, take-away pizza and late-night kebabs for the last few months. Acquiring some cooking skills can help them escape dodgy canteen food and save money for something more fun.

So now’s the time when they might be ready to appreciate the years of cooking expertise you’ve built up. Try spending a few afternoons together teaching them your family recipes and sitting down together to enjoy the results.

4. Take a trip to a museum

Keep an eye open for museum exhibitions that might be related to their studies or their extra-curricular activities, and suggest that you both pay a visit.

Strolling around an exhibition is always a pleasant way to spend some time together, but now it’s also a chance to find out about the ideas that excite them. They’ve been learning so many new things, and this is their chance to show it off.

5. Volunteer together

Students today aren’t slackers: around one in three of them devote their free time to volunteering. It allows them give back to their community, lets them learn new skills and it helps them build their CV.

So why not look for volunteering opportunities locally for things that your child is passionate about? By working on their causes with them, you’ll learn much more about what really makes them tick.

How do you like to reconnect with your child when they’re home from university? Share your ideas in the comments.

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