Relive your travels with fragrance

Relive your travels with fragrance

Whether you’ve been relaxing in Provence or enjoying an activity holiday in Hawaii, Febreze can help you evoke your favourite holiday moments with scent.

That fresh, clean fragrance of lavender fields in the south of France; the aromatic notes of exotic woods in Bali; the heady scents of orchids and flowers in Thailand; or even the simple beauty of an English rose in a stately home garden…

Catching a particular scent on the breeze can take you straight back to the most vivid moments of your holidays more effectively even than a photograph or video.
So it’s no surprise that some of the most popular home scents on the market are designed to remind you of some of the world’s most beautiful spots. Here are four great ways to keep those memories alive around the home.

Remember… the Caribbean beaches

Look out for products featuring the tropical aromas of exotic fruits and flowers, such as pineapple, mandarin and jasmine. Try an air freshener such as Febreze Caribbean Paradise, which will take you straight back to your favourite island escape.

Remember… the temples of Asia

South and southeast Asia are an explosion of colours and scents, from the pungent street food to the lush gardens and temples burning incense. Whatever your favourite element, there is a scent to remind you. Try adding a plug-in such as Bali Oriental Wood or Japan Tatami from Ambi Pur with a touch of Febreze or go floral with the Febreze Thai Orchid collection.

Remember… the lavender fields of France

There’s no scent quite like lavender – clean, fresh, aromatic and utterly, deliciously French. Luckily, from simple homemade lavender bags to luxury candles, there’s no shortage of beautiful lavender-scented products out there, so you can revisit Provence without setting foot on a plane or ferry. Scatter Febreze Set & Refresh in Moonlit Lavender around the house, for example, or spritz your bedroom with Febreze Sleep Serenity, to help relax you before bed.

Remember… that roof-down road trip

Let’s face it, the sounds and smells of suburban Britain don’t quite match up to the fresh breezes and warm sunshine of California or Italy’s Amalfi coast. You can rediscover that sense of the great outdoors when you’re driving around your local area, with a Febreze Car Freshener in Pacific Air, Sparkling Citrus or New Zealand.

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