How to reinvent Christmas for just the two of you

How to reinvent Christmas for just the two of you

If you’re in a situation where it’s just you & your partner during Christmas, make sure you spend it in special way. Check out our Christmas for two ideas!

After years of family celebrations it can be hard to face the festive season as just the two of you, but these tips should help…

Start a new tradition

Embrace change by reinventing Christmas with some new ideas. Host a chic cocktail party for friends and neighbours. Upgrade your old Christmas decorations for sleek new ones. Treat yourselves to Christmas Eve dinner at your favourite restaurant. You’re not setting aside family traditions, you’re layering new ones on top.

Volunteer to help others

Giving something back at Christmas is rewarding, giving you a warm, fuzzy feeling of happiness, something Allan Luks, author of The Healing Power of Doing Good calls the ‘Helper’s High’. There’s bound to be plenty to do in your own community: check out Royal Voluntary Service, The Trussell Trust Foodbank Network and Shelter.

Change the Christmas rules

This year, it’s all about you. No stress, no rows, no need to spend all day slaving away in the kitchen. Have a lazy lie-in under the covers (wash them in Fairy Non-Bio for some super-soft snuggling) then stay in your pyjamas, drink bubbles, play music and binge on the boxsets or movies you’ve always wanted to see. Take a romantic walk or play board games. Enjoy a big brunch, canapés for lunch, a Mexican feast for supper. You are rewriting the rules, remember?

Travel, escape, explore – together

Did you know that December 25 is the cheapest day of the Christmas period to fly off on holiday, with many airlines offering discounts and deals to fill empty seats? Airports are quieter and airlines such as BA and Virgin Atlantic dress staff in Santa suits and serve roast turkey at 30,000 feet. Check out and for festive flights and start packing! Slip a Braun razor into his suitcase for quick and easy grooming before a romantic dinner on the terrace.

Be flexible with family

So they have their own plans for Christmas Day. Fine. Why not offer an alternative so you still get to celebrate together before real life resumes? A lavish buffet lunch on New Year’s Eve can be a welcome compromise, made easy if you ask everyone to bring a dish. Letting go of the notion that only Christmas Day matters will guarantee you a happy holidays, this year and for many more to come.

How do you celebrate Christmas when it’s just the two of you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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