Making your home child-proof again

Making your home child-proof again

A new grandchild in the family means another round of child-proofing. Try these ideas for spotting new dangers and making them safe.

A new grandchild in the family means another round of child-proofing. Try these ideas for spotting new dangers and making them safe.

Just when you thought it was safe to put out the china ornaments, you’re the grandparent of a curious toddler and it’s time to child-proof the house again.

By now, you’ve got plenty of experience of the mischief that small children can get up to when they’re exploring around the house. But your own life has changed over the years, meaning there are probably a few new risks that you haven’t dealt with before.

Of course, you may also have come to appreciate having the house to yourselves again, after years of it being packed with children’s things. So this time around, you’ll want to strike a balance between keeping a safe, welcoming environment for the little ones, without turning your life upside down.

Take a look at these tips for child-proofing your home when you’re a grandparent, so you can enjoy stress-free visits from your little darling, as often as possible.

Don’t bring out the old crib

If you’ve kept the crib your own children used up in the attic, it isn’t a good idea to bring it out when your grandchild comes to stay, however nostalgic it may make you feel.

Safety standards have been updated quite a bit over the years, so the old family heirloom might have hidden dangers that weren’t understood at the time. And when it comes to safety, you don’t want to stand in the way of progress.

Watch out for bathroom handles

Many of us get handles and bars installed in the bathroom to make getting in and out of the tub easier as we get older. But what’s safe for us isn’t necessarily safe for a small child.

To prevent accidental bumps and bruises, if you plan to bathe a toddler in your bathroom, cover the handles with a soft material such as foam. That way if they wriggle in the tub and catch themselves on the bars, they won’t come to any harm.

Anchor your furniture, including your TV

Today’s flatscreen TVs are taller and thinner than ever – so they’re much more likely to topple over than the bulky ones you had when your own children were little.

So while you check that bookcases and wardrobes are anchored to the wall, it’s worth fixing the TV in place with a bracket too, so curious climbing youngsters can’t bring the house down.

Keep medicines and chemicals locked away

Getting older means having all kinds of medicines in the house, but to children these can look like sweets. If you get in the habit of always keeping pills in a secure cabinet, there’ll be less to worry

When it comes to your laundry, you don’t have to give up the convenience of Ariel 3in1 pods. Because children can be drawn to their bright colours, they have introduced a new child-safe family pack*, so simply close the pack correctly and keep it away from little hands and you’ll find staying safe is as convenient as getting cleaner, brighter clothes.

Lock away the dangers

When children are only visiting and not living with you, they don’t need the run of the whole house. One of the easiest ways to child-proof your home for little visitors is simply to lock the rooms containing potential dangers.

If you don’t want toddlers exploring upstairs, for instance, you can simply install a gate. That means it’s easier to keep an eye on their wandering, and easier to prepare the house for their arrival.

Place ornaments on high shelves

You don’t have to put away all those beautiful things that you’ve collected over a lifetime. Breakable, delicate objects can be kept safe from visiting toddlers with a bit of planning.

Just make sure that you display the more fragile pieces on shelves that are out of reach – and ensure that they are securely fixed to the wall, so they can’t be brought tumbling down by pulling, pushing or climbing.

* Like any household product, keep Ariel 3in1 Pods and Fairy Non Bio washing capsules away from children.

How did you child-proof your home when you became a grandparent? Share your experiences in the comments below. And why not leave a review of the new Ariel 3in1 pods family pack if you’ve tried it?

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2 sheets of foam for placing in front of sharp cornered bookshelves, old furry throw for fireplace, portable stair gate which folds up small , a blackout sheet for the spare bedroom window and a toy box behind the sofa. All easily removed and stored for non grandchildcare days.

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