Making the most of your back-to-school family gathering

Making the most of your back-to-school family gathering

Ace your next family get-together with these mealtime tips and tricks from Fairy Platinum.

Ace your next family get-together with these mealtime tips and tricks from Fairy Platinum.

Summer is nearly over, and soon enough (to their parents’ glee) the grandkids will be busy with school, sports and other after-school activities.

With their demanding schedules, it may feel like you haven’t seen them in years when they’re finally able to come around. Which is why it’s important to make the most of your time with the little ones once they get a spare moment to visit.

Don’t waste your precious family time cleaning or fussing about: ace your next family gathering with these tips and tricks from Fairy Platinum.

Give a twist to the family favourite

It can be difficult trying to find the perfect dish for your family reunion, especially with all the different taste buds to account for. Sure, it’s easy to whip up the usual family favourites like lasagne or stir fry, but why not surprise the whole family by adding a delicious twist to it?

Take inspiration from a recent holiday or trip to the local food market and incorporate a new ingredient or spice like cinnamon or dark chocolate to your specialty – your family will love it!

Get the grandkids involved

Entice the little ones to play chef and help prepare the meal. Small, easy tasks like mixing, pouring or kneading dough will make them feel proud of their accomplishments and the finished product. They’ll also be more inclined to eat the delicious meal they helped make.

Make it a game

Turn the clean-up into a game for the whole family. Split up into teams and assign different tasks to each group. Whichever group finishes all their tasks first gets to pick the dessert or game for later.

Get one team to clear the table, and the other to load the dishwasher. And make the clean-up even simpler with: Fairy Platinum the formula delivers the best tough food cleaning first time – leaving you with more time to spend with the family.

Unplug and unwind

Cooking for a large family can be exhausting, and once you’re finished it’s tempting to just plop on the sofa and turn on a film for the grandkids.

Resist the urge and encourage the family to unplug by playing a board game, sharing stories or reading a chapter from their favourite book. They’ll appreciate some down time and you’ll create memories for years to come.

Mealtimes are tough, especially big family gatherings when you have the whole gang over for dinner. Don’t let the madness get you down. With Fairy Platinum’s  tips and tricks you’ll be able to ace your next family gathering.

Have you tried Fairy Platinum? Why not leave us a review? And let us know how we’ve helped ace your next family gathering in the comments box below!

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