How do I get my teen to be more independent?

How do I get my teen to be more independent?

How to help your dependent teen flourish into a self-sufficient young adult (so you can finally put your feet up!).

Remember when you used to fill your spare time with reading, trips to the theatre and enjoying lunches with friends? Busy family lives don’t allow for much free time and days can be quickly filled with household chores and serving as your teens’ personal taxi service.

While teenagers love being independent when it comes to parties, learning to drive and choosing their clothes, the same can’t always be said for basic adult responsibilities. Because even though your teenage children are now taller than you, you may still feel that you do everything for them. Cultivating an independent spirit in your offspring will help ensure they are more well-rounded, and you’ll get more free time, too.


Respect boundaries
You can’t know their every move. Working out just how much freedom to allow your teens is the million dollar question every parent grapples with - and the amount of freedom will be different for each individual. You know your own child. Boundaries are still useful, they show you care, but do start to think of your teen children as young adults and accept that you’re not going to know about every detail of their lives.

Consult their opinion
From where to go on holiday to planning the week’s dinners, ask your teens what they think. Better yet, get them to help organise a day trip on your next holiday or cook for the family once a week. Buy them a recipe book for inspiration.

Equip them with basic skills
Being able to use the washing machine is a basic adult skill that every teenager should know. Instead of asking mum when their washing will be done they can take matters (and their clothes) into their own hands. And thanks to simple laundry products such as Ariel’s tablets and capsules and Lenor’s fabric conditioner, you can rest assured the laundry will come out smelling and looking clean and fresh  - and your washing machine will still be in one piece.

Apply the same rules to vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom. Also, you could introduce them to the idea of home fragrance via Ambi Pur - for their room at the very least.

Demonstrate your love
Just because they are growing up, don’t alienate yourself from them. Okay, teens might not want you to tussle their hair or kiss them in public, however, continue to tell them and show them that they are loved – even if it’s just in private.

Offer them an allowance
Consider upping their pocket money, but stipulate that with this higher amount your mini-adults will be in charge of their own finances - so when the money runs out they can’t expect a bailout from the bank of Mum & Dad. They will soon get the idea of budgeting.

How are you helping your teens to become more independent? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Give your teen more independe

Georgie1 18/09/2016

I would suggest you give your teen more responsibilities, give them chores to do, get them helping out around the house. I wouldn't pay them for this, it's their home, and they need to understand that. Get them to clean their rooms. Or get them involved with a local sports team. I always keep the time element of independence to a minimal. Let's say you want your teen home by 5:30. You have to tell them that you want them in at 5 instead. If they come in at 5, tell them that you are proud of them

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