Dating after 50: dinner date-night ideas we're loving

Dating after 50: dinner date-night ideas we're loving

Struggling to remember the last time you had real quality time, just the two of you? Change that with our top home-date-night ideas.

Struggling to remember the last time you had real quality time, just the two of you? Change that with our top home-date-night ideas.

You’ve been together for years and have been on what feels like every type of date but, for one reason or another, romantic evenings have fallen by the wayside and nights spent in front of the TV have become more of an occurrence than you care to admit.

Sound familiar? The good news is spending a bit of time together now that it’s just the two of you will make all the difference to your husband-wife relationship. Get that old connection back with these dinner-date suggestions for a romantic night in.

Theme your date

Take turns enjoying a particular style of cuisine, such as Italian or Chinese, following the theme through from appetiser to dessert. Base it on a memorable holiday you’ve been on together and you’ll have so much fun reliving the trip as you tuck in. Or why not tap into the food fashions of a particular decade – perhaps a 1980s-style prawn cocktail followed by a steak main course, to take yourselves back to the time when you were falling in love?

Try a sushi-making session

Sushi-making takes time, concentration and teamwork – the perfect combination to bring the two of you close in a lighthearted and fun way. Choose indulgent ingredients you both love, from fresh tuna and salmon to tempura – or even make sweet sushi using chocolate and marshmallow if that’s more to your tastes.

Impose a technology ban

Make a pact that for the entire evening there will be no phones, no tablets and no TV allowed. Dim the lights, put on some music you both love and enjoy dinner with candlelight and conversation – just like the good old days!

Have an indoor picnic

Just because it’s not summertime doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the same free-spirited vibe at home during the colder months. Cover your dining room or lounge floor in comfy cushions and rugs, light some floral-scented candles and put on your favorite summery music – then enjoy a medley of easy-to-pass picnic treats together. You might feel silly with the dining table a few feet away, but the point is to get out of your routine – it’ll breathe life into your conversation and your connection.

Make it memorable

Whatever you’re eating, make a special night of it by putting on nice eveningwear and laying a beautiful table. Even if you’re having a dish you’ve enjoyed together a thousand times before, the night will instantly feel more special if you’re both wearing something you feel confident in. Text a picture of yourselves to the kids to show them what a laugh you’re having, too.

Another way to make your at-home date feel more memorable is by incorporating those special finishing touches you would normally only reserve for guests – such as a carefully thought-out presentation and food display. Watch our video below for some dinner party presentation tips to impress any guests, and be sure to use them on your next date night, too.

Cook the alphabet

Take it in turns to cook recipes that begin with each letter of the alphabet – alternating as you go, so that if you do an ‘A’ recipe like Alaskan salmon with artichoke, he does B (Burgers anyone?) and so on, all the way through to Z. Some will be easy; others may prove quite tricky, so you’ll have as much fun planning the meal as you will have eating it.

However you choose to spend your romantic meals in together, be sure to have a stash of Fairy All in One dishwasher capsules for easy clean-up afterwards. They cut through the toughest cleaning challenges so that whatever you decide to serve, your dishes will end up sparkling.

What are your favourite romantic meals? Share with us below.

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Sharing is caring

Claire 07/02/2018

Food you can share has always been a truly romantic gesture at meal times. Nothing like a big platter of seafood, meats, cheese and large bottle of something fresh to keep the love alive ❤️

Let somebody else cook

babyhk 25/01/2018

My nicest times are when somebody else has cooked the meal . If I have slaved away then the romance is dead . I love finding a restaurant on a beach holiday where there is no work the next day and we can chat without a knock on the door or an e- mail ping .A film with wine . beer and a few bags of snacks is fine but I prefer to be away from home in a more ambient setting .

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