What everyone over 50 worries about on their ‘first date’

What everyone over 50 worries about on their ‘first date’

If you’ve been out of the dating game for a while it can feel like a whole new (and very scary) world. But these pieces of advice should put you at ease…

So you’ve exchanged some messages and maybe even had a phone call or two with a man you’ve met online, but now you face the really scary bit: meeting a date in person.

Getting ready for a date and worrying about those all-important first impressions can be enough to make even the most confident among us want to hole up indoors, but you’ve got to go for it if you want to meet someone special.

Just remember that your date is probably just as nervous as you are and take note of our answers to some common first-date dramas.

What should I wear?

Your safest bet is to go somewhere in between dressy and casual: if you’re comfortable in heels, team them with jeans or a pencil skirt and a shirt or blouse. If you want to wear flats, bear your pins in a shorter, floaty skirt to add femininity.

Most importantly, make sure you’re comfortable and that you feel good in your outfit of choice.

A healthy glow from a bit of fake tan can make you look great, but the last thing you want is to look orange and/or streaky. Fake tan takes best on silky smooth skin, so exfoliate and defuzz first with a Venus & Olay razor.

Spanx or skimpies?

Spanx are great at holding it all in, but they don’t exactly make you feel like a glamour-puss. Whatever undies you choose, though, use Always Discreet Liners. They give you the flexibility to wear what you please and mean you won’t have to worry about leaks or odours – even if it turns out you and your date share a sense of humour. Here’s hoping!

Will he live up to his online pic?

You may need to adjust your expectations here. Thanks (or no thanks) to fancy camera-phones and filters, many of us can post edited pics of ourselves on our online dating profiles. But while it might help you get a first date, if your pic is too misleading, it might not help you get a second!

If he looks nothing like his picture, realise this means he is probably insecure about his looks, so don’t make it worse by calling him out on it. If you don’t fancy him, just look at it as an opportunity to polish up your social skills and potentially make a new friend.

Will he feel let down?

Vice versa, if you post a filtered version of yourself on your dating profile, you might start to worry he will be disappointed when he sees you in the flesh. To avoid this, send him a more realistic photo after you’ve been messaging for a bit. Then if he still arranges a date, you know he likes what he sees. If he doesn’t, move onwards and upwards!

He seems too good to be single – should I be suspicious?

Unfortunately, some married people do use internet dating to “spice things up”, but usually they are unwilling to actually meet up.

If your potential date is happy to meet you in a public place close to home, chances are they are single. If you’re still not sure, look for a tan line on his ring finger!

But remember, you’re fabulous and single, so there are bound to be plenty of fabulous and single men out there, too.

The venue’s really loud – he’ll think I’m going deaf!

While you need some atmosphere, arriving at a venue where the background music is too loud throws up new paranoias. If you keep asking him to repeat himself, will he think you need an ear trumpet?

If you end up in a loud bar, suggest finding a quiet corner or even escaping to a café so you can get to know each other without shouting!

Actually this is going pretty well – now what?

You like him. But what happens after dinner? Flash him a smile, it’s perfect thanks to Oral-B Pro-Expert: the best toothpaste for healthier and stronger teeth to prevent enamel erosion. And if you want to have a kiss and he goes for it, enjoy yourself!

If you’ve followed our tips, we’re sure a second date will be on the cards if you want it. Good luck!

What are your first-date tips? Let us know in the comments section below.

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