Coping with energetic grandkids when you’re out and about

Coping with energetic grandkids when you’re out and about

Whether you're changing nappies on the go or coping as they toddle out of the pushchair, we've got lots of advice for you.

Spending time with little ones is special, but can you keep up? Here are our useful tips for having fun without the fuss.

Even if you’re a naturally active and sporty person, when you’ve got a curious toddler to entertain, it’s easy to start feeling your age!

However, with a bit of planning and a few tricks up your sleeve, you can offer to look after your grandchild, or plan a trip to the park or the zoo, without worrying that by the end of the day, it’ll be you asleep in the pushchair.

Before you set off

Getting little ones ready to go out can be a military operation in itself.

Your son or daughter may already have packed a bag with changing things, spare clothes and snacks, and you’ll quickly get used to those little extra things that make a day out easier (a waterproof bag for unexpected accidents, and Pampers Complete Clean Unscented wipes for hands and faces).

Children rarely like putting on sun cream, so set a good example. Put yours on first or better still, get them to do yours, then swap.

TIP: if they also refuse to wear their ‘boring’ sunhat, raid the dressing-up box – a cowboy or pirate hat will do just as well.

Where to go

If it’s your first time out with your grandchild on your own, take them somewhere you’re familiar with – you’ll know the best places to go if they’re getting restless, and you’ll know the quickest route to the toilets!

For rainy days, pick a museum or local arts centre that has baby- and toddler-friendly activities (many offer these for free, especially on mornings during school term times.)

If you’re going to the park, pick one with trees for shade, but also plenty of space for running around, without too many bushes for disappearing out of sight. If you’re out somewhere that won’t have changing facilities, make sure you’ve packed a small changing mat and hand sanitiser.

Walking babies and energetic toddlers won’t want to stop for long, so make life easier with Pampers Active Fit Nappy Pants. Designed for babies aged six months up to toddlers, they keep them as dry as a normal nappy does, but go on like pants. This means it’s much easier to change them when your grandchild loves nothing more than to wriggle out of your grasp on the changing mat.

TIP: Kids love playing hide and seek, but stick to games like this at home. When you’re at the park, you need to be able to see them and them see you at all times.

Keeping the kids busy

When you don’t feel up to running around as much as they do, play little games like rolling a ball or skittles, where they are kept busy going back and forth to you, without you having to run as well.

Stash a small book in your bag and get them to come and sit on a bench or the picnic blanket with you for a little down time.

If they’re not the book-sharing type, you could distract them by asking them to help you take pictures on your phone of what they can see around the park, then sit down and look at the photos together.

If it’s a sunny day, invest in a paddling pool and sit on the side with your toes in the water while they play. It’s important to keep your eye on them, but they can have a splashing time. Don’t forget to reapply their suncream afterwards.

TIP: These days there are lots of colourful sun outfits available in supermarkets and department stores. Light to wear, quick-drying and UV-protective, they keep children sun-safe without any hassle.

Find out more about Pampers nappies, pants and wipes at

What are your favourite things to do on days out with your grandchildren? Do you have a trick for calming an energetic 18-month-old? Why not share your experiences in the comments box below?

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