10 practical ways to help new parents in their first weeks

10 practical ways to  help new parents in their first weeks

The first few weeks can be an overwhelming time for mum and dad. From doing the shopping to batch cooking, you can help.

Action stations! There are lots of things you can do to help mums-to-be and new parents at this wonderful but totally exhausting time. Here’s an essential guide.

In the weeks running up to the birth and just afterwards, the joy and excitement of a new baby take centre stage. But, however much of an adrenalin rush it is for new parents, a little help from you can mean the world to them.

Here are some of the ways we have found you can make a big difference by taking care of the little things.

1. Give mum some me-time

When you visit you'll want to chat about the birth and how things are going, but sometimes the social whirl can be a bit much for a new mum. She could probably really do with half an hour to herself. Once the baby is settled after a feed, encourage her to go and have a quiet bath or a nap while you look after the little one.

2. And don’t forget dad

New parenthood is a rollercoaster for both parents and, while any new mum has a lot to recover from physically, it’s good to involve both of them when helping out and keeping up to date with the baby news.

3. Be grandma

If the new baby has older brothers or sisters, they can feel aggrieved to no longer be the centre of attention. Make sure they don’t feel left out by giving them lots of Nanna time and cuddles. You could also offer to take the new baby out for walk in the pram to let mum and dad spend some quality time with big brother or sister.

4. Bring lunch, or cook

When you’re going for a visit, offer to bring round a pre-made meal or ingredients to whip something up in the kitchen while they relax.

5. Batch cook suppers for the freezer

New parents have to eat well (especially breastfeeding mums) but it’s not always easy to grab time to make proper meals. Why not cook a few of their favourite dishes and freeze them in batches for those unpredictable days ahead?

6. Change a nappy or three

Changing a nappy is like riding a bike – it might have been a while, but it will all come flooding back to you in no time! And nappies have come a long way in the last 20 years, so they’re even more comfortable for your new grandchild. Pampers nappies have a unique mesh lining that absorbs newborn runny poo, keeping it away from baby’s skin. And you’ll be amazed how silky-soft Pampers nappies feel nowadays.

If you’ve been sent to buy some for the new baby (or when the hospital bag is still being packed before the birth), remember to check the weight (or estimated weight) of the baby, as this will help you find the right size.

7. Do the shopping

It’s amazing how days can go by before new parents are able to get out of the house for the simplest errands or have contact with the outside world! Offer to pick up the groceries or be chief photographer and then send baby pictures out to friends and relatives eager to see the new addition.

8. Tidy up

New parents want everything to be just right for their baby, but your help with things like vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom and putting a load in the washing machine can make all the difference.

9. Be the chauffeur…

This one is especially useful for new mums who had their baby by cesarean section, because they are advised not to drive a car for at least six weeks. If the baby clinic is too far to walk to, or a shopping run is in order for more baby essentials, offer to give her a lift. Having you there to help with the pram and car seat will be a bonus, too.

10. … and be the cheerleader too

Lovely as it is to welcome a new baby into the world, it’s a daunting time. While the new parents settle into daily life and learn to trust their own instincts, offer words of encouragement and always be ready with a smile!

Find out more about Pampers nappies, pants and wipes at Pampers.co.uk.

Got any of your own suggestions for how to help the new parents? Or a super-easy recipe to try? Add your comments below.

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