Keeping your wooden floor beautiful

Keeping your wooden floor beautiful

Your wooden floor is something to be proud of; it’s a great feature in your house and adds real character.

Keeping it clean of both dust and stains isn’t hard when you’re armed with the right products – especially Flash.

A wooden floor adds charm and character to any room. Whether old and restored or brand spanking new, all wooden floors need taking care of – if you want them to serve you for years to come that is! Here are some super easy tips for giving your wooden floors the ‘wow’ factor.

How to keep your wooden floor really clean

To keep your wooden floor protected from abrasive dirt and grit, it’s a good idea to have matting placed at external entrances. This simple trick will greatly improve the appearance of your floors and prolong their life. It’s also advisable to clean them once a week in order to prevent build-up of dirt or stains - this way your wood will stay gleaming and beautiful.

If you have a pet make sure you put any food and water bowls on a mat so spills don’t cause your wooden floor to warp over time. Similarly try to mop up any accidental spills as quickly as possible. As an added precaution when it comes to your wooden floors it’s also a good idea to use felt under furniture legs to prevent any scratches caused by slight shifts.

Flash Multi-Surface Concentrated Cleaner can be used to clean some wooden floors. It’s best to check for any adverse effects on a small hidden patch of floor and it’s not recommended for use on untreated or oiled wood. If, however, you have painted or varnished wooden floors simply dilute the product in a bucket of warm water and mop the area.

Flash offers an easier yet more thorough clean; minimum effort and maximum results. Something we all prefer!

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