How to keep your wipeable tablecloth free from stains

How to keep your wipeable tablecloth free from stains

Say goodbye to stains on the table! Wipe it all away at once and never worry about a grease, sauce, or juice stain again.

Dinner tables. They’ve seen it all. Every member of the family has sat around the table, and not just for dinner. Whether you’re making use of the space for an inspired home baking session, or setting up a workspace for an evening of art - tables are a great bastion of the family home. They’re right at the centre of the action but can sometimes go unloved. Stains can begin to congregate and make your dinner table look a little rundown.

Wipeable tablecloths are a great choice for a variety of reasons – you may have chosen it because you like to be creative, need a living surface that’s easy to look after or perhaps you’re just prone to the odd spill.

If you have a wipe clean tablecloth, no matter how tough a greasy stain left behind by a fantastic meal or a baking mishap might seem, Flash Multi-Surface Concentrated Cleaner will help wipe your worries away. Simply grab your bottle of Flash and, thanks to its clever design, you simply need to apply one squirt to a sponge to know you have the right amount. Use the sponge to wipe at the surface and you’ll soon see the stains disappear. Just remember to rinse afterwards and you’re good to go!

Get crafty!

Your table is probably used outside of meal times, too. Whether it’s down to your artistic passions or even just a accidental slip of the hand when writing a note, it’s probably seen its fair share of pen and crayon marks, too! Luckily there’s a neat trick that will help you wipe those scribbles from your wipeable tablecloth. Reach for Flash Magic Eraser. Once you’ve wet it with water simply work on the marks and you should see them begin to disappear – as if by magic!
There you have it - spill at will! You’ve got it under control.

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