How to keep your stone floor crystal clean

How to keep your stone floor crystal clean

Are you one of the lucky people to own a stylish stone floor? If you are, do you really know how to take care of it properly? If not, never fear - we do.

Warming to cold stone

Stone floors look fantastic in the home, giving an air of importance as soon as you walk through the front door. While they may seem cold to naked feet, all they need is a little bit of loving and you’ll find that you’ll warm to them really quickly.

Keep the bits at bay!

Stone floors are actually quite delicate, considering they’re made of stone! Sand, grit and dirt can damage a stone floor because they are abrasive. As a result, make sure you sweep the floor regularly.

To help keep these bits at bay, you should use a floor mat at the entrance of every door that leads into the house from outside - the mat will then retain most of the dirt and help look after your beautiful floor.

Time for a warm wash

Now that all the scratchy bits are gone, we can get down to cleaning. To give your stone floor a good and safe clean, simply use one squirt of Flash Multi-Surface Concentrated Cleaner in a bucket of warm water and get mopping! Thanks to its concentrated power and dosing method you won’t need to use a lot, meaning your bottle of Flash will help keep your floor clean for longer. If you don’t fancy a mop, you can also squirt a small amount onto a sponge and wipe the floor down. If you do it this way, you should go over the floor once again with a rinse of water to remove any residue.

What not to do…

Make sure you never use products that contain lemon juice, vinegar or any other acids if your floors are made of marble, limestone, or travertine as these could have a severe adverse effect on them.[for more on how to clean marble floors click here. Try to steer clear of abrasive cleaners and ammonia cleaners too because they’ll take all the lustre out of your floor.

Whilst bringing your floors back to life you may also spot scuff marks on your skirting boards. Here’s a simple solution to say goodbye to those unsightly black marks quickly and easily; grab a Flash Magic Eraser, wet, and scrub those marks. You’ll soon see them disappearing, letting your skirting boards shine as much as your beautiful stone floors. Just test a small hidden part of your skirting board before you get to work to make sure it doesn’t have any adverse effects on the surface.

So there you have it, our best advice on how to take care of your stone floor.

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Flash magic eraser

Jeanette 12/01/2017

Wow this is brilliant with 7 yrs old twins boy and girl the flash magic eraser has become part of every day cleaning routine, I have tried lots of different products but nothing on the market can achieve what fabreze magic eraser can do.

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