How to keep your car smelling fresh

How to keep your car smelling fresh

Whether we like it or not, many of us spend a huge amount of time in our cars – and bad smells can easily occur, making a quick trip to the store feel like an eternity. Here are our tips on how to make your auto adventures as pleasurable as possible…

We’ve all been in that one car that has made us constantly ask ‘are we there yet?’

In such a confined space, a bad smell can make the difference between a trip seeming like a jolly trip to the beach or a downbeat trudge to the dentist.

Here’s what you need to know about the causes and cures of common car odours…

What causes odours in my car?

There’s no one cause for the smells that crop up in your car – it could be that takeaway you picked up last Friday, a rogue remnant of a long haul snack or it could even be coming from your gym bag.

How do I stop odours happening in my car?

Prevention is always better than cure, so do your best to keep your car clean – including hard to reach spots and the trunk.

Try to keep on top of rubbish in your car and throw it out frequently to avoid a build-up – if your passengers are having to perform unnatural feats of contortion just to sit down, it may be time to have a clear out.

You can buy a small bin for your car to make the process easier, while wiping surfaces down, including the dash board, can make a big difference too. Remember to vacuum your car regularly. Cars often come into contact with muddy shoes or pets, so cleaning the foot wells and seats can help combat lingering smells trodden into carpets.

Smaller hand-held devices provide more mobility in tight spaces, while using a brush on surfaces first will loosen any trapped dirt.

How Febreze can help keep your car smelling great

Febreze Fabric Refresher spray can be used to tackle car odours quite easily. Use the spray in much the same way as you would inside your home, spraying it on upholstery to eliminate odours.

For continuous freshness, opt for a Febreze Car Vent Clip. Available in a number of whiff-busting fragrances, it’s a hassle free way to keep your car smelling clean.

The intensity of the fragrance is fully adjustable and clipping the product into place is incredibly simple – it also means there’s no need to open your windows and breathe in petrol fumes just to get some ‘fresh air’.

And there you have it – some simple tips to help you to effectively tackle odours your car may throw at you.

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