How to clean your kitchen in a flash

How to clean your kitchen in a flash

The kitchen is the busiest room in the house. There are people coming and going, there’s food being prepared, enjoyed and thrown away, and sometimes there’s a pet being fed too.

With all the commotion that happens in a kitchen, from inviting friends over for an afternoon coffee to cooking up a storm for a dinner party, it’s easy for stains, smells and bacteria to build up all over your kitchen surfaces. But with Flash as your trusty sidekick, keeping your kitchen sparkling clean and a place you can enjoy, is no sweat.

Which products provide the quickest clean?

Use Flash Multi-Surface Concentrated Cleaner by applying a small amount to a sponge or cloth and it will make mincemeat of any grease and grime on your kitchen counters, including your cooker top and hood extractor.

As it’s for multiple surfaces, you can also use it on the kitchen floor, whether it be tiles, laminate or linoleum (as well as a host of others), to wipe up any muddy paw prints or any spills created while cooking. You should also use it on a regular basis to keep on top of any dirt build-up.

Flash is great as it’s so easy to use; squirt the product until it stops into 5L of water. Using a mop wipe the floor in circular motions. It will feel like a walk in the park, and it will smell like it too thanks to its fresh scent.

For really stubborn stains turn to the Flash Magic Eraser. It’s a multi-purpose hero and can be used on loads of surfaces, including microwaves, cooker tops and oven hoods. Simply wet the Eraser and work across the stain or mark and watch as it disappears before your eyes. Just do a quick spot test on a small section of the surface first to check for any adverse effects. It’s as simple as that.

For unsightly marks left by limescale, opt for Viakal Limescale Remover – it too works wonders in the kitchen (as well as the bathroom). Just spray on the affected area and wipe – the limescale deposits should come away as you work; you will be left with impressively shiny taps and sink areas once more. When used regularly, limescale build-up should be a thing of the past!

If you prefer to be armed with a spray in the kitchen, then you should try Flash Kitchen Spray, which provides the degreasing effect of Fairy and has been designed to cope with every surface you can think of: hobs, floors, cupboard doors, microwaves and cookware.
To use, simply spray over the required surfaces, give it a once over with a warm damp cloth and watch the stain disappear instantly. If only everything in life was that easy! With Flash in your kitchen, you don’t need to worry about a thing. Tougher on dirt, easier on you.

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