How to clean the grout from bathroom tiles

How to clean the grout from bathroom tiles

Dirt build-up in grout is ugly. We want your tiles to look their best, so read on to find out how to keep your bathroom beautiful.

Get the dirt out of grout!

Not only do tiles make for easily cleanable floors and walls in your bathroom, a lot of the time they are the star of the show, adding character to the room of pampering. But, if grime has been building up in the grout between your tiles, they can go from being a beautiful centerpiece to being the piece you wish you didn’t have to look at. When white or grey grout starts to blacken, it can make the entire room look dirty even when it’s clean. But not to worry, cleaning grout isn’t that difficult and we’re here to help you keep on top of it.

Prep properly

Before you get started on cleaning your grout, get rid of the dust and dirt around it.

If you’re working on wall tiles, use a Flash Magic Eraser to wipe the walls down to get rid of any dirt that might be sticking around. Particularly focus on those nooks and crannies to clear them of any scum.

You’ll find that you’re now much closer to the grout and you can really tackle it.

Go all-natural

To tackle those nasty black marks that may have appeared on your grout lines use Flash Clean and Bleach Spray. Just spray directly on the problem areas and wipe down with a sponge. Those marks should begin to disappear.

There you have it – you should now be able to say goodbye to those black marks on your grout lines.

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