How to clean bathroom tiles effectively

How to clean bathroom tiles effectively

Even though we spend plenty of time in the bathroom, keeping our tiles sparkling can sometimes be neglected amongst all the more obvious cleaning duties. Here are some simple ways you can keep your bathroom looking its best…

You might think that bathroom tiles are kept clean thanks to the fact they are in the room where you wash. Unfortunately, unless you’re spending your time in the shower scrubbing titles instead of yourself, then this isn’t quite the case. You will probably see water and soap stains forming, whilst more long term problems might develop, too. Rather than drawing the shower curtain over the problem there are a number of easy solutions at hand…

Quick and simple ways to keep your bathroom tiles clean

Whilst you can opt to steam clean your surfaces, this can be costly and time consuming – two things that cleaning should never be!

Luckily, the Flash product range equips you with everything you need to clean your bathroom quickly and effectively. To help make your bathroom tiles shipshape, you should use Flash Multi-surface Concentrated Cleaner. Apply a small amount to a sponge or cloth and the cleaner will cut straight through greasy soap stains and water marks with ease. Remember to rinse your surfaces well after cleaning them with Flash.

Because it can be used on multiple surfaces, you can even move straight from your tiles to tackling your bath and sink, making it the perfect product for a last minute spruce-up if you have some unexpected guests popping around for a cuppa! For more persistent stains, the Flash Magic Eraser is an absolute godsend.

How to battle limescale build-up

If you live in a hard water area then limescale can make your otherwise sparkling bathroom look a little less than welcoming. Thankfully, Viakal Limescale Remover Spray is designed specifically for this problem.

Not only does a quick spray and scrub get rid of tough limescale, but its special formula actually reduces the build-up of limescale. Keep using Viakal and your bathroom will always look spick and span.

These small but powerful scrubbers can be used everywhere and remove stubborn stains on all washable surfaces,from rings around the bath to grimy marks between the titles.

And there we have it – there are plenty of ways to keep your bathroom looking great and smelling even better.

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