Getting rid of carpet smell

Getting rid of carpet smell

Here’s our go-to guide for getting rid of carpet smells. Say goodbye to smelly houses and say hello to fresh heavenly homes!

Does your carpet smell?

Carpets are prone to clinging on to smells because of all the fibres they have, which can attract and trap dust as well as odours. You, like millions of others, might have become so attuned to the smells you don’t even recognise them any more - we call this condition noseblindness. But don’t worry, we’ve got just the trick to get you guest ready. By the end of this article, we’ll all be inhaling deeply and exhaling happily.

Can’t put it in the washing machine? Simply spray it!

Life seems easier when machines take care of the cleaning. But how do you rid the odour that’s been building over time all over the house? Do you even have time to get down and dirty, scrubbing away the smell? Your carpet is one of the key smell-trappers of your home. After all, your carpet does bear the brunt of all household activity. It’s sat on, stamped on, spilled on, and if you’ve got dogs, you’ll know that they don’t always smell like roses, especially not when they’re wet! If only you could roll the entire thing up and throw it in the washing machine… But there’s an even easier way to eliminate carpet odours, using Febreze Fabric Refresher Application couldn’t be easier; just spray Febreze all over until it’s damp! Let it dry and the uninvited smells are gone.

You can’t argue with science.

Febreze Fabric Refresher eliminates odours at the source, rather than masking them with scent. The trick lies in the active ingredient, cyclodextrin. It’s a doughnut shaped molecule that locks the odour in its ring to eliminate it. You just can’t argue with science.

Keep your carpet clean and fresh! There’s also ways to prevent the build-up of smells in your carpet. First off, make sure you vacuum it regularly. Use the largest, most powerful vacuum you’ve got at home to suck up the dust and dirt. Using Febreze Fabric Refresher as part of your routine will also help make sure your carpet smells clean and fresh.

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Jeanette 12/01/2017

I love fabreze, I use it for every room in the house, there is NOTHING better than fabreze, I have 7years old twins boy and a girl and also have a dog and 7 chickens so I need fabreze isn't just a product it's a way of life.

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