From cloudy to clean How to make your glassware sparkle

From cloudy to clean How to make your glassware sparkle

Tackle cloudy glassware with Fairy Platinum, a super powerful product that takes cloudiness to task.

Cloudy glassware can be an irritating experience. You open your dishwasher, pull out a wine glass, and instead of it being brilliantly clear and shiny, it’s so dull and cloudy you’d feel ashamed to hand it to a guest. Not a glorious moment. Fairy Platinum has been created to also tackle those cloudy marks, whether you’re tackling them in the sink or your dishwasher. First, establish what the problem might be

You should first determine if you live in a hard or soft water area. In areas with hard water, mineral deposits can build up over time leaving a film on the glassware. To fix this, try using a water softener. A simple test you can do is to soak a glass in white vinegar for five minutes. Vinegar will remove mineral deposits, so if the cloudiness is removed, you’ll know that you have hard water – which requires more softening agents.

It’s also worth checking the filter and drain area of your dishwasher as, over time, it’s easy for grime to build up. Luckily, Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablets clean grease from your filter even as they wash your dishes.

Finally, make sure the dishwasher water is at least at 130 degrees Fahrenheit / 55 degrees Celsius – it needs to be this hot in order to work properly.Once you’ve checked those basics, you can trust Fairy Platinum to do the rest!

Removing those stubborn cloudy marks from glassware Cloudy stains in your glassware can be a real pain to remove. No matter how much you scrub, sometimes they seem like they are there permanently. Fairy Platinum has been specially designed with your dishwasher in mind. It includes both liquid and powder, a clever combo that leaves minimal residue and combats cloudiness before it can build up.The unique three-compartment liquid design holds more enzymes than ever before plus three times more surfactant than hard pressed tablets. In a nutshell, that means glassware so clean it sparkles; you’ll even see your reflection in it! 

If you’re washing up in the sink, turning to Fairy Platinum will once again solve your cloudy glass woes. Simply squirt a small amount on a wet cloth or sponge, rub the affected area and rinse with hot water. If the marks are particularly stubborn, just repeat the process. It’s worth bearing in mind that unfortunately some cloudiness is permanent. Sometimes glasses can become physically damaged through a process called etching. This typically occurs in soft water areas. Fairy can help prevent this, however, due to its zinc content. Zinc replaces ions stripped from the glass during washing.

Fairy Platinum packs a punch in the cleaning stakes. Now that’s something worth raising a glass to!

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