Does your sofa smell like last night’s takeaway?

Lingering food funks can makeyour living room smell likea greasy spoon café. Watch this video to find out how Febreze Fabric Refresher can help.

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The smells you don’t notice – but your guests do

Have you gone nose blind like Sarah and her pooch Jack? Watch Ambi Pur’s video to find out how to beat those pet-related pongs.

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Five romantic perfumes

Discover our guide to fragrances to suit the mood – and maybe share it with someone in need of gift ideas!

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Relive your travels with fragrance

Whether you’ve been relaxing in Provence or enjoying an activity holiday in Hawaii, Febreze can help you evoke your favourite holiday moments with scent.

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Febreze Candles

Soothing scents and long-lasting freshness

When pets get smelly but you love them more than ever

How to keep your home smelling sweet however many furry friends you’ve got

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Keep your car smelling fresh with our car cleaning tips

Ever unlocked your car to discover that it smells less than lovely inside? Read on…

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Febreze Quiet Jasmine

Sleep Happy with Febreze Sleep Serenity in Quiet Jasmine

Febreze Moonlit Lavender

Sleep Happy with Febreze Sleep Serenity in Moonlit Lavender

Febreze Warm Milk & Honey

Sleep Happy with Febreze Sleep Serenity in Warm Milk & Honey