About us: how and why was Victoria created?

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

At Victoria, we’re challenging what it means to be a woman of a ‘certain age’. Throwing out those ‘shoulds’, if you like.

We think that after years of looking after other people, it’s time to do a little looking after ourselves. To squeeze the most out of every single day.

We say: “It’s your time now. Discover more. Create more. Indulge more.”

That’s why we’ve crafted a team of experts to give you the scoop on everything from home, health and wellbeing to family and relationships, fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Meet Victoria’s six expert editors:

Carol Vorderman – Celebrity Guest Editor

Carol is loving life as a 50+ woman and all it has to offer, from embracing her new-found sense of confidence to setting off on an incredible once-in-a-lifetime expedition to become the ninth woman to fly solo around the world. “As a featured editor on Victoria I’m going to share some of my adventures over the next few months (and I have some exciting ones in store!), as well as some tips, advice and general 50-something musings,” says Carol.

Patsy Westcott – Health and Wellbeing

Award-winning health writer and nutritionist Patsy Westcott contributes regularly to Saga, Woman & Home, Waitrose Weekend and other publications. In a career spanning 35-plus years, she has written for numerous national titles and is author of some 40 books. Brighton-based Patsy is passionate about world travel, music, food, dance and literature. She has two grown-up daughters and a granddaughter.

Daniela Soave – Lifestyle and Culture

Daniela has been a journalist for more than 30 years, writing on a range of subjects including music and the arts, health, nutrition, design, family life and current affairs. She has played a senior role at or contributed to many leading magazines and newspapers, including Elle, The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Times, Daily Telegraph, Options and the Radio Times. Author of books on nutrition and contemporary culture, she is currently working on a novel.

Lynnette Peck – Home and Garden

Journalist, stylist and creative consultant, Lynnette Peck writes for many publications, including The Times newspaper and Homes & Antiques magazine. She is also founder and managing director of fashion and accessories online store Lovely’s Vintage Emporium.

Zelda West-Meads – Family and Relationships

Zelda is the Agony Aunt of You in the Mail on Sunday. She has been a marriage and relationships counsellor and sexual therapist for more than 30 years and has written several self-help books. A media spokeswoman and public speaker on relationship issues, Zelda also continues to practise as a private counsellor.

Tamsin Blanchard – Fashion and Beauty

Former Fashion Features Director at The Telegraph Magazine, Tamsin is a writer and editor with extensive experience in the fields of style and beauty, with a particular passion for ethical fashion. She is author of several books, including ‘Fashion & Graphics’ and ‘Green is the New Black’.