3 long-lasting couples reveal what keeps their love strong

Making a relationship last takes something special – we asked three couples to share their secrets.

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Long distance relationships: how to stay close when your children move away

Don’t fret about an empty nest – here’s how to maintain a close relationship with the kids, even though you’re no longer living under the same roof.

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DIY hair care tips for when you’re starting to go grey

Whether you’re dealing with your first few greys or a full head of silver, knowing these few simple tips will help to keep hair looking glossy and beautiful.

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6 top tips for (finally!) treating under-eye circles

These are the secrets to looking well rested, youthful and energised.

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Easy ways to pass your love of cooking down to your grandchildren

Spending time in the kitchen together is fun for both of you – and it’ll give your grandchildren a healthy love of food that’ll last a lifetime…

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Take the work out of housework

There's no need to break your back with our housework hacks!

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7 organising hacks to clear up your kitchen counter

Ever wonder how other people’s kitchen surfaces always look so organised when yours are constantly strewn with flour, cutlery, rubber bands etc.? Here’s how to fix it…

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The four things that could be causing your sensitive skin

Suddenly sensitive? Check out our list for what could be causing it – and how to put an end to your skin irritations.

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