Six vegetarian barbecue recipes that even meat eaters will want to try

A barbecue doesn’t have to be a meat feast. Try these veggie ideas to tempt even the most committed of carnivores…

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5 outfits to boost the confidence of every 50+ woman

Choosing the right items to wear for important occasions is the key to feeling confident – and looking glamorous. Here’s how to do it…

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Can you have long hair after 50? Of course!

Forget the traditional belief that you “shouldn’t” have long hair after a “certain age”. Of course you can! You just need to keep your locks in great condition. Here’s how…

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Two-in-one hacks to get the spring clean done and dusted

Kill two chores with one sponge with our time-saving suggestions.

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10 things in your kitchen to get rid of (right now!)

The quickest way to update your kitchen? Declutter it! Here’s what to throw away – and what to keep – to make a fresh start.

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Beauty lessons women over 50 want to share

 Looking good has no age limit, as these three women have discovered. Here, they talk about how their idea of what is beautiful has changed over the years… 

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How to introduce a new pet to your grandchildren

Your family dog or cat can teach your grandkids so much. Here’s how to make sure their friendship has the best possible start.

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Flash Magic Eraser

Flash Magic Eraser really lives up to its name

Six fun things to do this spring

Saved time on your spring clean? Here’s what to do with it…

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Ariel 3in1 PODS

Cleans, lifts stains and brightens.