8 habits to drop today to boost your confidence

Want to feel happier and more confident this year? Then it’s time to kick some bad habits to the kerb…

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10 affordable luxuries to make you feel good every day

Add a touch of luxe to your life to elevate the everyday. Sounds pricey? Not at all, it’s easily achievable without breaking the bank. And hey, you deserve it.

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Five ways to get your glow back

Feeling deflated? These little treats will make a big difference and make you look – and feel – great again.

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Five hobbies that will give your life some sparkle

Add some spice to your life with one of these hobbies that will put a twinkle in your eye…

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3 women who found their passion projects after 50

There’s never a wrong time to try something new, as these women prove.

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5 kitchen cleaning tricks that make a BIG difference

Keeping your kitchen spotless needn’t take a lot of time. Simply follow these handy hacks to speed up your cleaning routine…

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Intimacy and incontinence: finding a new comfort zone

It’s estimated that more than 40% of menopausal women suffer from incontinence. Here’s how to prevent it interfering with your intimate relationship.

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Dating after 50: dinner date-night ideas we're loving

Struggling to remember the last time you had real quality time, just the two of you? Change that with our top home-date-night ideas.

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