Beat the 12 smells of Christmas with Febreze and Paul O’Grady


Watch our new Christmas advert with Paul O’Grady, or read on, to discover the solution to keeping your home fresh and fragrant throughout the festive season.

From stinking Stilton to leaky bin bags, discover the ’12 stinks of Christmas’ and how to beat them with Febreze seasonal scents in Paul O’Grady’s brilliant new song.

Some of the most wonderful moments of Christmas are all about scent – pine trees, roasting turkey, aromatic mulled drinks… But when you put them all together with some of the less fragrant events of the season, you can end up with a muddled stink that assails your senses at home.

For everyone’s favourite animal lover Paul O’Grady, nothing less than Febreze will do when it comes to getting rid of the 12 worst smells of the season.

That’s where the warm, comforting scents of Vanilla Latte, Frosted Pine and Spiced Apple Febreze come in – allowing you to breathe easy as the plug-in and spray eliminate the 12 stinks of Christmas.

Watch the full video above – and why not sing along with it, with Paul O’Grady’s new words?

All together now…

“12 pigs in blankets, 11 guests one bathroom, 10 bags of Brussels, nine dirty nappies, eight pongy perfumes, seven leaky bin bags, six stinking Stiltons, five burnt birdies, four pups a-pooping, three uncles farting, two sweaty Santas… And a week’s worth of turkey curries!”

How do you keep your home fragrant during the festive season? Let us know which your favourite Febreze scent is.

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Jane 15/01/2017



sonya 13/01/2017

It's amazing stuff I spray my sofas, carpets, clothes, bedding and also my radiators as when they heat up it gives a constant fresh smell to the room. Love it soooooo much 😍😍


robbie 13/01/2017

Works on almost anything! but my uncle gave it a run forits money!

Spiced Apple

Hope 12/01/2017

You really cant beat the smell of spiced apple running through your home! I spray it on the door frames so it will stick to the entrance of each room! Also spraying the floor too! It helps the smell stick to places!

Love frabreeze

Valsaduchess 11/01/2017

This is a fantastic product, I have 4 boys so it's used every week when they clean their rooms, I will even venture in them now

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