Detox your bathroom

Detox your bathroom

Lynnette Peck takes us on a mission to sort that laundry cupboard, edit those towels and give one of the busiest rooms in the home some serious love.

Lynnette Peck takes us on a mission to sort that laundry cupboard, edit those towels and give one of the busiest rooms in the home some serious love.

When it comes to keeping a tidy home, several experienced and wise voices come to my mind.

To start with, my decluttering guru is Marie Kondo, a Japanese tidying expert and author who invented her signature ‘KonMari Method’.

Her bestselling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, has been the must-read book for interiors gurus over the last couple of years and her method states that one should discard everything that doesn’t bring joy.

Well, although shampoo and towels don’t exactly bring me joy they do give me hair that looks more joyous… but I do agree with Ms Kondo that most of us have homes and especially bathrooms that need marathon tidying and clearing out sessions.

Step away from the products

The bathroom is often ignored as somewhere to tidy up, but if you look closely work can be done here as much as in bedrooms and kitchens.

Marie Kondo says about this room: ‘The bathroom is the most humid place in the house, which obviously makes it the most unsuitable place for storing anything. There is no need to keep soaps and shampoos out when we are not using them, and the added exposure to heat and moisture when they aren’t in use is bound to affect their quality. It is therefore my policy to keep everything out of the bathroom or shower.’

I am not sure about keeping everything out of the bathroom, but instead of 12 shower gels, 14 types of shampoo and old soaps that were gifts, I am aiming for one product for each area of my body that needs tackling.

I do share my bathroom with a ‘him’ though, so at the moment we have two shower gels, two types of shampoo and two bath products (‘invigorate’ for him and ‘relax’ for me. Go figure.)

Hug the hygge way

Hygge (a Danish phrase, pronounced heurgha) is all about creating a serene space, and this of course means tidying, chucking and storing. Hygge means clean fresh lines, minimalist finishes and the absence of clutter.

The bathroom is seen by Danes as a place for rest and rejuvenation, hence the rise in spa-style bathrooms. For those of us on a budget just recreate this with scented candles, the fluffiest bathrobe you can find, lots of storage boxes, low lighting and some ambient music.

Ration the towels

Chrissy Halton from says: ‘The perfect laundry cupboard should have two-three towels per person, two sets of bedding per bedroom, two hand towels for each toilet in the house, and spare towels for guests (have one to two per person for the average number of guests you have at any one time).’

This sounds eminently sensible to me. But Cato Cooper, co-owner of (a homewares and gift business) does acknowledge that keeping linen and laundry in order can be overwhelming. (We like her!)

‘Have a dedicated wash bin or area for dirty laundry, with a lid or door that can be closed so you can’t see the mess,’ she advises. ‘If you want to be super-organised, have ones for certain colours – however this would mean training other members of the family to deposit laundry in the correct bins!’

My personal top five tips

  1. Purge, purge, purge old and never used products and frayed textiles.
  2. Put a shelf above the bathroom door for loo rolls and products.
  3. Use a moveable vintage ladder as a towel rack.
  4. Put stackable storage drawers in a cupboard to maximise space.
  5. Check expiry dates on all products twice a year and then chuck if out of date.
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Keep yourself to yourself

Hopegirl 15/01/2017

I agree that the bathroom should be restful and free of clutter and it's difficult when everyone uses different products. I bought everyone in.our house a lovely toiletry bag so that we can keep our own things in our own rooms - the bathroom has never looked so tidy!

Not enough

Janp 15/01/2017

2-3 towels surely not enough per person. I use a clean one every day for bath as you drying rubbing off old skin and bacteria. Cannot stand dried towels or tea towels

Bathroom Blitz

Boo2410 14/01/2017

This inspired me to have a bathroom blitz. How can one woman amass so many bottles of shampoo, conditioner, cleansers and toners? All opened bottles that I won't use have now gone. Towels are now all sorted and all the old ones are in a bag ready to deliver to our local Dogs Trust. Next weekend I will start on Duvet covers and spare duvets that I keep unnecessarily. Dogs Trust will get them too if they want them. Thanks for inspiring me, my butt has been well and truly kicked into gear!!

You have got me moving

invictus 14/01/2017

I have started detoxing my bedding Got rid of all the old duvet covers that i will never ever use I'm not turning into a hoarder i swear!

Detox bathroom

Jan 14/01/2017

Just read detox the bathroom So have started the bathroom and airing cupboard Have found someone to have old towels and Beding It's the local dogs home they use loads of them After the Christmas period Jan

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