Back to nature: the trick to a happier, healthier life

Back to nature: the trick to a happier, healthier life

From growing your own fruit and veg to using Lenor’s new nature-inspired scents, here’s how to incorporate nature into your everyday life.

From growing your own fruit and veg to using Lenor’s new nature-inspired scents, here’s how to incorporate nature into your everyday life

Check your phone, listen to the radio, get in the car, stare at the computer, watch TV… these days there’s barely a minute in the day that goes by when we’re not consuming some kind of technology.

This of course has its benefits – staying in touch with the world beyond your own doorstep, for example – but it can also easily distract us from taking enjoyment from the environment that immediately surrounds us.

Studies have proven that immersing yourself in nature can improve health and happiness. So even if you live in the city or spend all day in an office, it’s important to get in touch with nature at some stage in your everyday life.

Luckily it’s now easier than ever to get back to nature, as Lenor has launched a new range of nature-inspired scents.

From refreshing Deep Sea Minerals, to transport you to the wide, open ocean, to the uplifting Silk Tree Blossom and the soothing scent of Shea Butter, adding a capful of Lenor Fabric Conditioner to your laundry will bring you a breath of happiness-giving freshness every day.

And here are three more ways you can easily bring nature into your life – and with it an extra daily dose of happiness.

Feed the birds

Birds and woodland animals are a delight to spot, and you can see many in your own back garden.

Put out some nuts and seeds to attract birds – and probably the odd squirrel – and make sure to put the feeder outside a window so you can spot your visiting feathered friends. Even better, invest in a birdbath and watch them bathe and shake themselves dry – sure to bring a smile to your face.

If you want to bring larger animals to your doorstep, put out dog or cat food (not fish-based) or chopped boiled eggs for hedgehogs, fruit, dry dog food and even peanut butter sandwiches for badgers, and cheese, bread and raw chicken for foxes.

Remember though, these are wild animals, so don’t try to tame them – it can harm their own chances of survival, as well as being dangerous to domestic pets. Also clean up any left over food to avoid attracting rats.

You may want to set up a night vision camera to spot these creatures of the night. They can be very entertaining (although I’m afraid you can’t quite expect them to bounce around on your trampoline à la the John Lewis Christmas ad).

Dig a fruit and veg patch

This works on several levels. First of all, the act of digging soil and planting seeds will quite literally bring you in touch with nature as you feel the earth beneath your fingers.

Then you can nurture the growth of your fruit and vegetables, from the first tiny sprouting to giant cucumbers, plump tomatoes and juicy strawberries.

Lastly, of course, you get the reward of eating your produce. Grown in your own garden, it’s cheaper, tastier, better for the environment and full of nutrients. Wins all round.

Go for mindful walks

Try to take even a short country walk – or just through the park if you’re a city-dweller – every day.

Only bring your phone with you for emergencies, zipping it in your pocket so you’re not tempted to check it, and don’t plug your headphones in. Instead, look around and listen.

Watch the trees swaying in the wind and listen to the leaves rustle; hear the birdsong and see them dart from branch to branch; bring some stale bread to feed the ducks and watch them quack happily in gratitude.

If it’s warm enough and hasn’t rained, take a few minutes to take off your shoes and lie flat on the grass. Feel it between your toes and fingers and look up at the sky to watch the clouds roll by. Clear your mind and take deep breaths to feel the fresh air fill your lungs.

Really immerse yourself in being outside and surrounded by nature and you’ll feel the benefits in your everyday life.

For some great UK walking trails, check out our favourite five here.

How do you make sure you stay in touch with nature in your everyday life? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Rainy days

Cait96 21/02/2017

With the longer daylight hours coming in and spells of sunshine I love a daily walk in my local park its just beautiful and I try to look out for something new everyday wether it be a bird or a tree it's just nice to be in the open and see a little glimps of the beautiful things out there! Sunshine or rainy days I love to stay in touch with nature as much as I can ☺

Blue Sky Thinking

Linda 21/02/2017

I love looking at the sky - hazy blue in the morning, golden glow in the evening and twinkling sivery stars at night. Always something different, peaceful, inspirational x

Bush Craft

Dayna 20/02/2017

Me and my partner adore going into the woods to do Bush Craft, making everything from shelters to a toilet out of trees and what we find in nature! We can spread hours together in the middle of a forest but time seems to fly by! I love the scents and smells of nature especially pine trees! Pines trees have such as unique but delightful smell.


buddah 20/02/2017

a stressful day at work, tempers frayed, blood pressure up, i shut my eyes, suddenly i am transported to a paradise island, exotic smells tickle my senses, memories of happy times, i open my eyes, blood pressure back to normal, my day continues, thank you lenor

Its Elementary

tray2004 20/02/2017

I love to touch, taste or smell the elements, this could mean feeling the refreshing power of a blustery wind or tasting the salt in the sea air. It could be feeling the warm glow of an open fire against my skin or spongy grass beneath my feet. There are certain aspects of nature which can leave us feeling empowered and I try to remember this when I need to break out from my daily routine and feel really alive!

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