Five romantic perfumes

Five romantic perfumes

Discover our guide to fragrances to suit the mood – and maybe share it with someone in need of gift ideas!

Love is in the air – or at least, it should be. The most romantic day of the year doesn’t just have to be Valentine’s Day, it can be a birthday or anniversary or just because, but it can be hard sometimes to live up to expectations. And nothing is more disappointing than your significant other forgetting the day or missing the mark with an ill-judged gift. So for a guaranteed romantic atmosphere, browse our guide to feminine fragrances. You can either print it out with ring around your favourite as a hint to you-know-who, or simply treat yourself.

For a romantic mood:
The scent of a rose is the essence of romance. It forms the heart of Dolce & Gabbana Rose The One, a lavishly feminine scent with a touch of nostalgia. Am amber base blends with graceful rose and peony with top notes of grapefruit and cassis.

For a touch of strength:
Woody, musky fragrances create an air of strength and determination. Femme by Boss captures this feminine style, blending base notes of satinwood and apricot with oriental lily and tangerine, for a soft, smooth and powerful fragrance.For sensual allure: Trails of jasmine on the air set a sensual mood. Madame Rochas blends the purity of white flowers, from jasmine to tuberose and neroli, with velvety sandalwood and cedarwood.

For a classic scent:
Warm vanilla notes set the stage for a rich, dramatic fragrance. Try Especially Escada Elixir, which blends natural vanilla with the essence of dusky rose. Ambrette seeds add a musky tone, creating a seductive scent which brings the room to life.

For the young-at-heart:
Try the fresh citrus fragrances in Gucci Eau de Parfum II. This light scent is perfect for the modern woman, blending notes of mandarin, blackcurrant and violet with deeper tones of jasmine and cedarwood. Together they form a playful, elegant whole.
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olha 01/12/2016

can I try some of your perfumes please


Anna 23/11/2016

Could you send me free sample of your product

Free sample

Nataly 23/11/2016

Send me please free sample of your parfume.


Angela 22/11/2016

Are you doing and samples of the fragrances ?


Harmonypuss 12/11/2016

Are any samples available for this range?

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